LARA-Service LLC, a 100% owned Kazakh company founded and headquartered in the Atyrau region, Makat district. The company was established on 18 December 2000 and has been continuously operated in the region ever since.

Our company has 200 qualified employees with 50 possessing higher education.  The workforce includes Crane Operators, Riggers, Drivers, Welders, Fitters, Electricians, Scaffolders, Insulators and Laborers.

LARA-Service has facilities in the Rotational Village (RV) including 2 workshops, a 120 man accommodation and canteen.  LARA-Service is currently in process of building a new 250 man accommodation and new canteen.  The new accommodation is due to be completed by the end of 2018 and canteen by March 2019.

LARA-Service began working in Tengizchevroil (TCO) in 2001 initially under joint venture agreements and/or as a sub-contractor to various companies including Parker Drilling International Ltd., AralParker SP JSC, Vegyepszer Corporation, SenimdiKurylys LLC, Arctic LLC and Chemimontazh Ltd.

In 2006, we began sub-contracting for ESS Support Services LLC in TCO and continues this relationship to the present day. 

Additionally, LARA-Service has worked in the Atyrau Refinery since 2005, has performed work for CPC and AGIP KPO and most recently has also worked as a primary contractor and as a subcontractor for NCOC.

Our company performs construction and assembly works of 2nd category and do to our new partnerships we soon plan to carry out construction and installation works of the 1st category.

Additionally, we are now partnered with proven and reliable international companies allowing us to carry out contracting work of any level of and complexity.

Since its establishment, our company has progressed from subcontracting to direct contracting by fulfilling a full range of construction works, some of them “turn-key”.

Over the years, our company has built a committed and professional team of great employees.

A sample of the work performed by LARA-Service includes: building and construction, mechanical and installation works, fabrication, trenching and excavation works, concrete work, painting, pipe removal, repair and installation, welding, lifting and rigging operations, plumbing, insulation, and construction of drilling sites.

Year by year, the customer requirements and other challenges have been steadily increasing, which gives us incentive to consistently develop, excel in our job and broaden our horizons.