APRIL 2001

Production activities of the company began at Tengiz field with the Kazakhstani branch of Parker Drilling International Ltd, on implementation of:

  • Fitting-assembling, welding and lifting works on drilling sites and rigs for TCO. (Subsequently, the contract was extended to “AralParker” CJSC JV).

June 2001

A partnership agreement with the Tengiz branch of “Vedepser“JSC, the company performed:

  • lifting and insulation works;
  • fire observers services during the plant turnaround and modernization of Tengiz installations.

2002 - 2005

A partnership agreement with the “Senimdi Kurylys“LLP, took an active part in projects including Sulfur granulation, Second Generation Plant, Sour Gas Injection and plant turnaround.


Our company together with “GATE Insaat” JSC participated in Atyrau refinery reconstruction Project.

2006 - present

LARA-Service sub-contracted for ESS Support Services in TCO.  Services include:

  • road marking, installing fences, renew of sports fields, concrete work and provides specialized equipment.


High quality and safe work performance allowed LARA-Service to successfully pass the pre-qualification and qualification certification of TCO and Agip KPO, which enabled us to participate in the bidding process.

As a result, in 2007 we have received the first work for conducting    gasification of training site for the TCO Fire and emergency Services.


LARA-Service succesfully passed Atyrau qualification certification in January 2008.

In 2008, LARA-Service successfully completed the construction of a gasoline-diesel plant commissioned by «OM Trade Oil» LLP; Carried out major repairs of a delayed coking unit and the reconstruction of the recovery boiler in Atyrau refinery by request of “Puskonalodochnoe upravlenie“LLP.

2009 - 2011

Our company actively participated in the construction of oil and gas complex in the Karabatan field, where the company provided services for:

  • Iinsulation of pipe and equipment, insulation contracting with “Agip KCO”, in partnership with “Montazhspetsstroy“JSC and “C.C.C“.

2011 - 2014

After the successful and timely completion of the first direct contract with the TCO, LARA-Service completed a number of construction and installation projects for TCO in Tengiz.

2014 – 2018

LARA-Service is involved in “Modernization of Atyrau Refinery, Construction of the complex for the production of aromatic hydrocarbons on “turn-key” contract and performed construction and installation works including:

  • Piping insulation, fittings and bends, finishing work, concrete work, works on the improvement of backfill soil and crushed stone layer;
  • In addition company has been assigned to the new project on “Construction of deep refining complex at the Atyrau Refinery.