LARA-Service has developed its own in-house Health, Safety and Environmental incentive program based on RoK laws & regulations and International Safety Instructions, policies and procedures.  The result of this program has been no days away from work since the company’s foundation.

Also, we have made additions to the basic documents and procedures on labor protection, safety and environmental protection, based on international instructions and laws of Kazakhstan, including an employee award system when in compliance with our HSE standards.

chesm award

Moreover, there a number of occupational safety and environmental protection procedures, which were introduced by the company including:

  • Drug and Alcohol Policy;
  • Meetings on occupational safety to discuss proposals for improvement based on past experience and data observation;
  • Vehicle Safety;
  • Safety Based Behaviors and observations;
  • Stop Work authority;
  • Internal audit Procedures.

In closing, LARA-Service is extremely proud of our safety record and our company management and our employees are totally committed to establishing and maintaining a safe working environment ensuring everyone always goes home healthy and without injury to our families and love ones.